R72 Premium First Aid Kit

$59.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price

The R72 Premium First Aid Kit comes with all of the amazingly useful items in the regular R72 First Aid Kit with a few key additions.

  • Skin Stapler (1)
    • This ready to use stapler comes with 35 preloaded medical grade wide staples for use on extreme lacerations. It is also veterinarian approved.
  • Zip Stitches (2)
    • Zip Stiches are a non-invasive skin closure device for smaller, more managable incisions and lacerations. Unlike the skin stapler, Zip Stitches use an isolation zone and dynamic compression technology to create a puncture-free skin closure. 
  • Coban Tape (1)
    • Coban is a COhesive BANdage commonly used as a wrap on limbs to control bleeding.  Coban has elastic qualities and will stick to itself and not loosen. It is used both on humans and animals.