Worldwide Disasters Report - March 2021

The following disasters were recorded (by area) impacting thousands throughout the globe during March 2021:


  • Coronavirus (COVID-19 reported 135,646,617 confirmed cases and 2,930,732 deaths since the onset of the virus. Vaccine doses have been administered to thousands according to the World Health Organization. The Americas lead in cases, followed by Europe, South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, and the Western Pacific.


  • Flash floods leave 7 dead and 3 missing in Chlef

  • Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes off Algeria


  • Wildfires ravage Patagonia leaving 250 homes destroyed and 15 people missing


  • Tropical cyclone developed near the coast of Queensland, Australia

  • Flood evacuations issued in NSW those in Sydney warned to stay indoors

  • Worst floods since 1971 in New South Wales


  • Massive fire leaves 45,000 refugees without shelter


  • Yellow fever kills monkeys in Sana Catarina with two human cases.