What should be in a 72 hour kit?

Are you prepared for a potential emergency or disaster? An unexpected situation can occur at any moment. We are advised to prepare a 72 hour emergency kit for ourself and each person in our family, before disaster strikes.

Learn how to be safe and prepared for urgent situations and disasters. A 72 hour kit should be part of your emergency preparation plan. In light of recent events, you may already know what essentials are required when services are lacking. FEMA suggests that you have a portable 72 hour kit in case of these types of disasters:

  1. Natural - severe weather or geological

  2. Human-made - either by accident or on purpose

  3. Technological - a breakdown of modern systems

What should be in a 72 hour kit?

Collect items that will help you and your family be more comfortable during a disaster. You can find many of these items around your home.

According to ready.gov, a basic 72 hour kit should include:

  • Water (one gallon per person per day)

  • Non-perishable ready-to-eat food items like protein bars, jerky, and dry cereal.

  • Canned food (Don’t forget a can opener)

  • Hand or battery-powered radio with extra batteries to keep up with the news/weather

  • High-powered flashlight/glow sticks

  • Solar cell phone charger

  • First aid kit

  • Sanitation supplies (soap, toilet paper, toothbrush, paste, etc.)