What does MOLLE stand for?

Updated: Feb 18

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, otherwise

called MOLLE gear. It consists of a bag with special webbing on the exterior that is often

called a ladder. You can anchor multiple pouches or PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder

System) onto the bag. These pouches are attached to the exterior webbing system,

otherwise known as a ladder. The terms MOLLE and PALS are interchangeable. The

MOLLE system is best known throughout the world for its use in the military and law

enforcement and the R72 Grab&Go Vest + Modular Bags provides the opportunity for anyone to use it to prepare for both adventures and emergencies, like natural disasters.

How do MOLLE bags work?

The MOLLE system utilizes several rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric otherwise known as

PALS (acronym for pouch attachment ladder system) stitched onto vests, backpacks,

and other gear. You can attach MOLLE pouches and accessories securely to the ladder

for a grab-and-go bag for emergencies or other activities.

What is the MOLLE used for?

The MOLLE modular bag is useful for:

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Outdoor sports

  • Medical trauma

  • First aid 

  • Baby bag

  • Car survival kit

  • Car Utility gadgets

  • Toolbag

  • Backpack

  • Duffle bag

  • Hydration carrier

  • Camera bag

  • Weapons and magazines

  • Musical instruments

  • Communications (Walkie Talkie)

  • Adventures

These are just some of the uses of the MOLLE Modular Bag. The possibilities are


What are the advantages of using a MOLLE?

The MOLLE load-bearing system has one massive advantage in that you can attach

numerous pouches to carry all of your necessary gear. Some of the bags have large

interior spaces with plenty of space for everything you need. The system provides a

framework for affixing pouches that allow for individual customization. If you can think it

up, it is most likely available, or you can create your variation by using various pouches