Hiking Gear

The weather is perfect, and you want to get out to see more of the world. Looking for recommendations on hiking gear that are trail-tested to help you fully enjoy your adventure?The following gear have passed the test of hiking over hundreds of miles by professional hiking guides.

Hiking Footwear

A good hiking shoe is probably the most critical gear. The following factors are important when you are picking hiking footwear:

  • Protection

  • Comfort

  • Lightweight

  • Breathable

There are different types of footwear for hiking:

  • Hiking shoes - best known for foot protection

  • Trail Runners - best known for comfort and performance in all seasons

  • Waterproof hybrids - best for hiking in cold weather

  • Hiking boots - known for maximum protection and long life (can protect you from snake bites)

The Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is a winner because they offer good protection, have a solid grip, ventilation is excellent, and last forever. These hiking shoes are very comfortable and reliable.

A more lightweight shoe option is the Altra Lone Peak 5. They are light and comfy, the grip is great, and they are reasonably durable. It is a shoe, not a hiking boot. They probably won’t last as long as the Moab 2, but it may be the best value.

Another more aggressive hiking shoe is the La Sportiva Wildcat. The sole gives good grip off-trail, and they dry quickly.

If you choose a leather hiking boot, you will need to break it in. Gaiters are a good idea to keep dirt out of your shoes. Also, if you are hiking in icy conditions, bring a pair of micro-spikes.

Hiking Socks

Socks are available in different weights and should be chosen depending on the weather you plan to hike in. When it is hot, get thinner socks. Heavier socks can fit tighter and cause blisters from too much