The vest can accompany you on any adventure. Its high-quality stitching and military-grade weaving features make it both rugged and durable.

25+ features

Military-grade quality

Water repellent

Expandable with MOLLE

8 modular bags

1 tube tent

3 removable flotation liners

One size fits most

Multi-purpose packaging

For adventures & emergencies

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The R72 vest eliminates the single-use concept. Simply add or remove any of the 8 modular bags, flotation panels, and the many other accessories included for any outdoor adventure.

You've heard of a 72-hour kit, usually stored in a cheap backpack, collecting dust, filled with perishable food and inadequate first aid supplies.

And because it's a vest, it distributes weight evenly, lessening the pressure on your back and increasing stability.

The original

R72 Grab&Go vest

Prepare For Anything

Modular Vests, Bags & Gear

for Emergencies & Adventures

R72 has your back  for all of life's 72-hour emergencies and adventures

R72 products focus on helping individuals and families prepare for the worst, while also living life to the fullest.

The Original

R72 Grab&Go Vest

R72 Modular Bags & Gear

R72 Apparel


Just received and this is cool as hell! Sturdy. VERY well-thought-out. Modular as advertised. Prepper's dream! This just hits on every level.

Jeff N.

Arrived yesterday! Love it and awesome quality. Thank you!

Joseph Z.

Our 4 Grab&Go Vests are packed and at the ready should another earthquake or natural disaster strike. What a relief to have my family prepared for anything!

Joenee B.


Dr. Jason Campbell


It is proven that distributing weight more evenly in a backpack reduces joint pain and increases stability. This is especially true while hiking and camping. The R72 Grab&Go Vest easily allows users to achieve this concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

MOLLE stands for Modular, Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment

All R72 modular bags can be used on and off the R72 Grab&Go Vest, or attached to each other